REM Forms

Certificate of Registration/License to Sell Application Form CR/LS Registration Statement for Corporation Registration Statement for Single Proprietorship Affidavit to Change Project Name Affidavit of Undertaking to Submit TCT – Subdivision Project Affidavit of Undertaking to Submit TCT – Condominium Project Declaration of UDHA Compliance Main Declaration of UDHA Compliance Comp Application Forms Approval of Confomium continue reading : REM Forms


REGISTRATION OF HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION (MERGER/FEDERATION/CONSOLIDATION) WORKFLOW TIME FRAME PROCESSOR APPROVING AUTHORITY 1 Presents application and requirements for registration, and requests for verification of proposed HOA name and if there is already a registered HOA in the same location. Applicant 2 Verify proposed HOA name 15 mins Records staff Registration Officer 3 Checks the completeness of continue reading : HOA GUIDE


REGISTRATION OF HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION (MERGER/FEDERATION/CONSOLIDATION) DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS: Notarized Articles of Incorporation signed on each and every page thereof by all the incorporators consisting of not less than five (5) or more than fifteen (15) natural persons. Notarized bylaws signed on each and every page thereof by all members of the Board of Directors or Trustees continue reading : DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS