1. Notarized Articles of Incorporation signed on each and every page thereof by all the incorporators consisting of not less than five (5) or more than fifteen (15) natural persons.
  2. Notarized bylaws signed on each and every page thereof by all members of the Board of Directors or Trustees consisting of not less than five (5) nor more than fifteen (15) natural persons;
  3. Notarized Certificate issued by the interim president or secretary of applicant-association attesting that the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws of applicant-association were ratified by the majority vote of all members of the association, stating therein the date of the members’ meeting, and the fact of quorum and approval of the proposed amendments.
  4. Notarized General Information Sheet;
  5. List of the members of applicant-association with the members’ corresponding signatures and addresses certified by the association secretary and attested to by the association president.
  6. Certification issued by the association president as to the existence or absence of any other association in the subdivision/village or community; and the name and address of the nearest association, if any;
  7. Code of Ethics signed on every page by the Board of Directors/ Trustees and officers of the association;
  8. Notarized undertaking by the association president to change the name of the association in the event that another person, firm or entity within the same barangay, city or municipality has acquired a prior right to the use of the name or one similar thereto; and, to comply with the rules and regulations; and
  9. Authorization by the association president for the representative of the association to transact/follow-up its registration application with the DHSUD Regional Office.


    • For subdivision projects, approved subdivision/ development plan indicating the area covered by the association.
    • For Community Mortgage Program (CMP) projects, or other similar land tenurial assistance programs:
      1. Location plan and vicinity map of the project duly signed and certified by a geodetic engineer;
      2. Notarized list of officers and members-beneficiaries stating the nature of their occupancy, whether as owner, tenant or us fructuary;
      3. Duplicate original copy of the notarized letter of intent to sell/buy, deed of absolute sale, or memorandum of agreement between the landowner and association;
      4. Certified true copy of the original or transfer certificate of title of the lot occupied by the members of applicant-association 17 issued not later than sixty (60) days before the date of application;
      5. List of members-beneficiaries as certified by the proper settlements office of the LGU, or the UPAO; and
      6. Certification that it is the only proposed association seeking to apply for a CMP loan in order to acquire the lot they are occupying.

For NHA housing projects, NHA certification that the association is the only association recognized and/or accredited by the NHA.
For government housing or resettlement programs, certification issued by the Municipal or City government attesting:

    1. The name and principal address of the association;
    2. The association is the only association recognized and/or accredited in the community or area and there is no other associations existing in the same or proposed project, or community.
    3. The territorial jurisdiction or area of operation of the association;
    4. The directors or trustees of the association are recognized by the City or Municipal government.