1. Act as the primary national government entity responsible for the management of housing, human settlement and urban development.

  2. Be the sole and main planning and policy-making, regulatory, program coordination, and performance monitoring entity for all housing, human settlement and urban development concerns, primarily focusing on the access to and the affordability of basic human needs. For this purpose, in accordance with Section 25 of the Act, the following functions of HLURB are hereby transferred to the Department:
    • The land use planning and monitoring function, including the imposition of penalties for noncompliance to ensure that LGUs will follow the planning guidelines and implement their CLUPs and ZOs;
    • The regulatory function, including the formulation, promulgation, and enforcement of rules, standards and guidelines over subdivisions, condominiums and similar real estate developments, and imposition of fines and other administrative sanctions for violations, pursuant to PD 957, as amended, BP 220 and other related laws; and
    • The registration, regulation and supervision of HOAs, including the imposition of fines for violations, pursuant to RA 9904, Section 26 of RA 8763 in relation to Executive Order No. (EO) 535, series of 1979, and other related laws; and

  3. Develop and adopt a national strategy to immediately address the provision of adequate and affordable housing to all Filipinos, and ensure the alignment of the policies, programs, and projects of all its attached agencies to facilitate the achievement of this objective.

A strong institution and catalyst for the provision of adequate and affordable housing, inclusive human settlements and well-planned communities for every Filipino family.

To improve the lives of the Filipino people as the primary government agency in the management of housing, human settlements and urban development.

Core Values