Task Force Bangon Marawi Chairman Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario leads the inauguration of the Datu Naga Barangay Complex – one of the four newly constructed barangay halls rolled out by the TFBM on Thursday. The TFBM chief likewise spearheaded the inauguration of the Marinaut Mosque and the White Mosque later in the day, indicating the continuous progress of the government-led Marawi rehabilitation. (DHSUD)

MARAWI CITY – The Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) on Thursday inaugurated two more mosques and several other infrastructure projects as the massive rehabilitation efforts continue to ensure that the only Islamic City in the country will rise better and stronger.

TFBM Chairman Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario led the launch of the Marinaut Mosque and the White Mosque as part of his latest three-day visit to Marawi.

“The government, through the TFBM and its implementing agencies, sees the repair and reconstruction of mosques damaged during the 2017 siege as crucial to the social healing of Maranaos. Aside from rebuilding public structures, refurbishing Islamic houses of praise is key to ensuring the Maranaos’ path to full recovery,” said the TFBM chief.

Secretary Del Rosario also noted that no less than President Rodrigo Roa Duterte ordered the TFBM to ensure the repair of the damaged mosques.

Aside from the two mosques, Secretary Del Rosario, who also heads the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development, likewise spearheaded the inauguration of four barangay complexes.

The housing czar graced the official roll-out of the Datu Naga Barangay Complex before leading the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for similar structures in barangays Datu Sa Dansalan, Moncado Kadingilan and West Marinaut.

Each barangay complex is equipped with a madrasah and health center in line with efforts to providing quality education and healthcare to Marawi citizens.

“Progress comes from effective governance, which in part could be achieved through the establishment of these barangay complexes,” the TFBM chief stressed.

“And with the provision of a madrasah and health center for each barangay complex, rest assured that the youth will be provided with quality education while citizens will be able to enjoy access to medicine and health services, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” he noted.

Later in the day, Secretary Del Rosario conducted an ocular inspection at two permanent shelter sites in barangays Patani and Kilala.

Following his arrival on Wednesday, the TFBM chief immediately conducted a regular briefing with representatives from the Task Force’s implementing agencies to discuss the latest updates regarding their respective projects.

Secretary Del Rosario likewise held regular consultations with civil society organizations that had been tapped as third-party monitoring to help assess the development of the government-led rehabilitation of Marawi.

The TFBM has been conducting monthly inspection of the ongoing rehabilitation works since the construction of vertical and horizontal structures went full blast in July last year.

In July this year, Secretary Del Rosario spearheaded the inauguration of Masjid Darussalam and also led the awarding of 170 more permanent shelters to families of internally displaced persons. Earlier, Disomangcop Mosque was also inaugurated. (30) — CVC