QUEZON CITY – In another move to ease the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and keep the housing sector vibrant, the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) issued an order deferring the submission of proof of compliance to balanced housing program required from the developers before they can sell their projects.

DHSUD Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario signed Department Order No. 2021-003 s. 2021 or the Deferment of Submission of Proof of Compliance to the Balanced Housing Development Program (BHDP) on February 19 following the clamor to expedite the issuance of licenses to sell (LS).

“We are enforcing a new measure expected to minimize the adverse impact of the ongoing crisis to the housing sector. Through this, we aim to ease the financial impact of the COVID-19 on the real estate business, stimulate construction activity while promoting employment to help our economy recover from the health crisis,” Secretary Del Rosario said.

The rules, referred to as the “Deferment of Compliance in Light of the COVID-19 pandemic”, will cover all subdivision and condominium projects required to comply with the BHDP, socialized housing in a new settlement, joint-venture socialized housing projects with local government units, housing agencies and non-government organizations, as well as undertakings covered by the community mortgage program thru land development and those involving purchase of Asset-Backed Securities.

Under the new department order, all projects will be required to secure and submit a Certificate of Registration (CR) or LS and apply for its accreditation as compliance project within the first half of the time of completion provided in the LS of the main project.

For a two-year project, for instance, DHSUD is extending the deadline for submission of proof of compliance up to one year after its commencement. Prior to the latest order, developers are required to submit this requirement before the project starts.

The new order also stated that owners and developers applying for the CR/LS of the main project shall submit a notarized undertaking stating their proposed mode of compliance, commitment to secure within the required timeframe and compliance without the need for notice from DHSUD regional offices.

Failure to comply with the latest regulation could result in the suspension of a developer’s LS and possible imposition of fines, sanctions and other penalties.

“This is one of our department’s many initiatives to support our stakeholders while maintaining quality service for our beneficiaries through our regulatory systems and processes,” Secretary Del Rosario added.

The housing czar said the measure also seeks to safeguard the real estate sector and help the industry recover amid this crisis. Likewise, the move is meant to assist stakeholders cope with the adverse effects of the pandemic on their livelihood.

DHSUD has been proactive in implementing measures meant to curb the negative impact of the ongoing health crisis on the housing and urban development sector.

At the height of the enhanced community quarantine last year, DHSUD implemented moratoriums of loan payments to all its key shelter agencies, benefitting more than 5.5 million members.

Secretary Del Rosario has vowed that the department will work vigorously with its KSAs, partner-developers and other stakeholders in boosting further its overall functions – from issuing key regulations to streamlining processes – towards achieving its goal of providing decent, affordable and resilient homes for Filipinos, especially the underprivileged. (30) – CVC

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