SATISFIED: DHSUD Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario believes the housing sector has flourished under the Duterte administration through the development and implementation of significant projects that he hopes will be sustained by the incoming administration.
The housing czar said DHSUD, following its creation in 2019, brought positive impact on the housing industry despite dealing with some birth pains and amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (DHSUD-CDMRD)  

QUEZON CITY – Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario is pleased with what the housing sector has achieved under the Duterte administration as he expressed confidence that the gains will be sustained by the incoming administration.

According to the housing czar, DHSUD, in its three-year existence, was able to make a huge impact in the housing industry despite dealing with some birth pains and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Department, Secretary Del Rosario stressed, was able to carry out pro-active measures to keep the sector afloat.

“I am satisfied,” Secretary Del Rosario said when asked how he will summarize DHSUD’s overall performance under his leadership.

“Quite grateful to the President for giving me this opportunity to serve the housing sector and I am satisfied with the performance of our people. To the President’s leadership, he is very outstanding, excellent leadership. I cannot ask for more as a subordinate, he gives all of his trust and confidence in us and not even once will he call your attention if what you do is right, and he expects results,” the housing czar noted.

Following its creation in 2019, DHSUD posted a number of significant feats aimed at empowering the housing and urban development sector.

One of its most significant accomplishments is the crafting and adoption of the of the 2040 National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan, which consolidates ongoing and proposed strategies, plans and programs of the Department, its key shelter agencies (KSAs) and other stakeholders in providing Filipino families, especially the underprivileged, access to decent, safe, sustainable and affordable homes.

At the height of the pandemic, DHSUD enforced moratoriums of loan payments to KSAs as part of measures to ease public burden. It likewise ensured the continuity of housing projects, allowing hundreds of thousands of workers in the sector continue their livelihood.

But perhaps DHSUD’s most notable legacy is its annual housing production pegged at 197,886 – the highest among previous administrations since 1975. Not only that, all housing units produced during the Duterte administration were of high standards.

Meanwhile, as of end-2021, more than 1.08 million housing units and lots were produced and financed, accounting for 86% of the 1.26-million units targeted under the Philippine Development Plan 2016-2022.

The Department also assisted 233 local government units in updating and ratifying their Comprehensive Land Use Plans and Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plans.

“Finalizing these key pacts indicates the government’s devotion in promoting effective land utilization towards ensuring national progress without causing harm to the environment,” Secretary Del Rosario noted.

It likewise crafted real estate development policies and issued directives to cushion the impact of the pandemic, issued 1,437 Licenses to Sell and Certificates of Registration to 36,624 dealers, brokers and salespersons registered with the Department in the last two years.

DHSUD also implemented various measures to further professionalize the housing industry. And currently, it is serving 25,621 registered homeowners associations nationwide. Revising the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Magna Carta for HOAs was likewise among the Department’s priorities following its creation.

With regards to advancing its overall operationalization, management has filled up 65.46% of its workforce, crafted and submitted for funding its Information Systems Strategic Plan and completed the establishment of its 16 regional offices, each fully capable of carrying out DHSUD’s housing programs and policies.

 The Department likewise succeeded in strengthening partnerships with LGUs and private developers through finalization of various memorandums of agreement, some of which paved the way for the construction of several evacuation centers in line with government efforts to boosting the country’s disaster preparedness.

“We must continuously innovate to ensure that our vision to be a ‘strong institution and catalyst for the provision of adequate and affordable housing, inclusive human settlements and well-planned communities for every Filipino family’ comes to light,” Secretary Del Rosario said.

And with the Duterte administration’s term coming to an end, the housing czar is more than confident that all DHSUD’s hard work will not go to waste and will be continued by the incoming leadership.

Secretary Del Rosario also believes the housing sector remains in good hands, especially with the outstanding officials of DHSUD working tirelessly in achieving their respective duties.

His advice to the next housing chief? Always serve with passion.

“Your mind and your heart must focus on the welfare of the Filipino families who do not have a house of their own,” the DHSUD chief said. (30) — CVC