PROMISING SITE: This scenery with the Lake Lanao in the backdraft is the former “ground zero” or the most affected area during the 2017 Marawi siege. Now, modern public infrastructures like barangay complexes with madrasahs and health centers, the mall-like Grand Padian Market, Marawi Museum, the Peace Memorial and the School of Living Tradition are sprouting – slowly transforming the area into a promising tourism site. (DHSUD)

MARAWI CITY – “Shut up.”

Thus, said Padoman Paporo, lead convenor of a civil society organization (CSO), addressing critics of the Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) with regards to the ongoing rehabilitation of the country’s only Islamic City following the 2017 siege.

Paporo, leader of the CSO Convergence composed of various non-government organizations based in Lanao del Sur, lashed back at those who continuously try to create public uproar against Marawi’s rebuilding process without offering any solution.

According to Paporo, she had seen for herself much progress ever since the construction of key public facilities went on full-blast in July last year. She asserted that since CSOs were tapped as a third-party monitoring group by TFBM Chairman Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario earlier this year, they had witnessed the commitment and dedication of the Task Force and its 56 implementing agencies in rehabilitating the city.

“I would really affirm that the Marawi rehabilitation inside Ground Zero is so far so good. It’s a work in progress,” said Paporo, herself a former active critic of TFBM, in an interview by Philippine Information Agency.

“I am urging CSOs, whenever you see good things in MAA (Most Affected Area), say it, tell the truth. And those things you haven’t seen? Shut up, stop criticizing. Let us motivate the TFBM more so that together we can beat the timeline of December 2021,” she noted.

Paporo cited their previous ocular inspection at an integrated school being built in Marawi, saying that another floor level was added every month they would visit, not mentioning other materials and equipment like doors and windows being attached.

“So as you can see, there is indeed progress. We had witnessed this over the past months,” the CSO leader said as she expressed optimism that IDPs would be able to return to MAA by yearend as promised by the TFBM.

Paporo noted that the construction of modern infrastructures like road networks with underground facilities, solar lamps and traffic lights; the mall-like Grand Padian Market, the mosques and the School of Living Tradition will definitely help Maranaos return to normalcy and rebuild their lives.

“With that, we would like to thank this administration led by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, that at least, na implement, yung mga sinabi niya na Marawi will rise again, it’s started, nakita namin, nagkaroon kami ng ray of hope na makabalik kami doon (MAA),” Paporo added.

Secretary Del Rosario has reiterated that TFBM is on track in completing all ongoing infrastructure projects by December and will finish the rehabilitation within the term of the President. (30) — CVC