Demand to see the project’s Certificate of Registration (CR) and License to Sell (LS) issued by the DHSUD. Advertisements must show the project’s name and location; the LS number; and advertisements approval number

Hingin at suriin and Certificate of Registration (CR) at License to Sell (LS) ng proyekto na issue ng DHSUD. Kailangan nakasaad sa mga patalastas ang pangalan at lugar ng proyekto; LS number; at advertisements approval number.

Read to understand every item stated in the Contract to Sell and Terms of Payment, including details indicated on the project’s CR and LS which contain the project’s

Basahin at intindihin ang bawat item na nakasaad sa Contract to Sell at Terms of Payment. Kasama na dito and mga detalye na nakasaad sa CR at LS na naglalaman ng classification ng Proyekto

Engage only with legitimate developers and licensed brokers and salesperson registered with the DHSUD.

Makipag-ugnayan lamang sa lehitimong developers at brokers at salesperson na nakapag-rehistro sa DHSUD.

Ask to Clarify vague or unstated details in contracts, and other questions about the construction and history of the property. Investigate on the credibility and standing of the company.

Magtanong upang maliwanagan sa mga malabo o hindi nakasaad na detalye sa mga kontrata, at iba pang katanungan tungkol sa pagbuo, kasaysayan ng property. Mag-imbistiga sa kredibilidad at katayuan ng kumpanya.

Move to visit and inspect the actual sites and investigate the neighborhood.

Bisitahin and aktuwal na kinatatayuan ng property at ang pamayanan.