HOA GuideDownloadable Forms


1Presents application and requirements for registration, and requests for verification of proposed HOA name and if there is already a registered HOA in the same location. Applicant
2Verify proposed HOA name15 minsRecords staffRegistration Officer
3Checks the completeness of the documents submitted by the applicant and conducts preliminary evaluation.

If complete, acknowledges receipt of application and documents, records in the logbook the name of the applicant association, prepares the order of payment, and advises applicant to pay the registration fee.

Forwards the application and documents to the Evaluator.

If incomplete, returns the documents to the applicant.

1 dayOfficer of the day/Receiving staff
4Presents order of payment and pays fee to the Cashier.

Submit photo copy of the Official Receipt (OR) to the Officer of the Day

30 minutesApplicant
5Upon receipt of the OR, secure clearance from Regional Adjudication Branch of the HSAC simultaneously reviews and evaluates the application and documents submitted.1 -3 daysEvaluator
6Verify if there is a case filed by or against the HOA/BOD/officers, or if there is an opposition to the application for registration filed before the Regional Adjudication Branch; and issue clearance.1 -10 daysRAB -HSAC
7 If necessary, conducts site inspection, and thereafter submit inspection report.1 -3 daysEvaluator
8If documents are complete and compliant with the law and the IRR, recommends the approval of the application to the HOACDD Chief, and signs the evaluation form.

If incomplete, defective or not in accordance with law and the rules, recommends the issuance of the Notice of Deficiency.

1 hourEvaluatorRegistration Unit HOACDD Chief
9Reviews and evaluates the application and documents submitted, and inspection report, if any.

If approved, signs and returns the evaluation form together with the application and supporting documents to the Evaluator for preparation of the corporate folder and Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

1 -3 days HOACDD Chief
10Forwards the application and supporting documents to the Records staff for preparation of the corporate folder and COI.30 minutesEvaluator
11Prepares the corporate folder, enters the details of the association in the Registry Book, and prepares and affixes initials on the COI.

Forwards the corporate records and (COI) to the Evaluator for his/her initials

1 hourRecords staffRegistration Unit
12Affixes initials on the COI, forwards the application and supporting documents together with the COI to the HOACDD Chief for initials.30 minutesEvaluatorRegistration Unit
13Affixes initials on the COI and submits the application and supporting documents to the Regional Director for consideration.30 minutes HOACDD Head
14Reviews and evaluates application and supporting documents.

If approved, signs the COI and returns the COI and documents to the Evaluator or Registration Officer for the release of the COI.

1-2 days Regional Director
15Receives and acknowledges the Certificate of Incorporation10 minutesApplicant
16 Submits the certified true copy of the BIR Certificate of Registration and TIN of the HOA within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the COI; and present the original COI to the Evaluator.10 minutesApplicant
17 Files/attaches the BIR CR to the HOA corporate docket, enters the TIN of the HOA in the Registry book and in the COI.

Releases the original COI to the applicant.

30 minutesRecords staff
18 Receives the COI Applicant
19 If the application is disapproved, drafts order denying the application for registration.1 dayEvaluator
20 Review and finalize the draft order denying application for registration. Affixes initials on the order.1-2 daysHOACDD Head
21Reviews and signs the order.1-2 days Regional Director
22 Release for mailing the Order.1 dayAdmin staff